Marine Fuels is our field of expertise as our numerous satisfied clients say about ENEGEX.

We manage a large fleet of tank trucks to deliver directly from the Refineries all around Greece from 500ltr to 1500tns.

Also, we have a huge network of co-operative physical suppliers, tank trucks and distributors to cover all clients’ enquiries in due time with the best quality. Our services include all aspects of Bunkering and Lubricants with daily laboratory reports by OEM’s.
We are committed to deliver our products onshore by tank-trucks or offshore by barges, wherever is asked around Greece, Cyprus, Malta, Monaco, Albania, Mediterranean, Azores and Las Palmas.

Our exceptionally skilled team will offer you professional services and guarantee. The quality and quantity of your bunker in unbeatable prices.

We can deliver at the same day upon request. Whenever needed since we are available 24/7.

We have Free or Duty-Free products for all yachts ans vessels.

Our range:
– Marine Gas Oil (MGO) 0,1%
– Marine Diesel Oil (MDO-Ecopower) 0,1%
– Intermediate Fuel Oil (IFO) IFO180cst, IFO380cst
– Marine Fuel Oil (MFO)
– Automotive Gas Oil (AGO-Ecopower)
– Lubricating Oil (LUBEOIL)

MGO 0,1%Marine Gas Oil s available with or without TAX for commercials and private yachts. The fuel covers the condition of ISO8217/2010 without any admixture to Bio Diesel. It is an excellent fuel for any kind of engine. Ecopower MGO is ideal for any engine with better performance and cleaner combustion.

AGOAutomotive Diesel is a vast well known product for any kind of engine, a reliable solution. It is available in admixture based on European regulation 7% in Biodiesel.


ENEGEX is the one and only bunker supplier in Greece, who accomplishes with absolute success large fuel transfers in due time.

  • We de-bunker & semi-refine quantities up to 5mts from yachts.
  • We de-bunker & transfer quantities up to 400mts by trucks.

Our team takes over the whole operation and arranges all the procedures with

  • Customs authorities
  • port authorities
  • road operations/tolls
  • traffic police
  • local municipal services

You transfer unused fuel quantities from one vessel to the other all around Greece.


Contact our team to finance your needs the best way.